Project Profile

  • AWK Industries has a fully equipped workshop in Kelaniya, but what we offer is more than a welding shop. It is a fully-integrated metal-working and repair facility, providing welding services, fabrication services, general repair services, and on-site welding services.

  • Additionally, we have the capacity to provide custom contract services.

  • Vessel Repairs

  • Dry docked or laid up for repairs is an inevitable phase in the life of a vessel. However small delay may cost you a pocket, if not to mention lost revenue. The principal objective of our mission is to get your vessels back to sea in perfect working condition quickly and efficiently by our project management team, whose versatility and professionalism is assured.

    As a result of versatile experience in vessel repairing, the project management team at AWK Industries is competent in a whole range of marine engineering disciplines. This in-depth knowledge allows our team to communicate precisely with employees and other marine engineering contractors required to complete a successful project.

    Coupled with personal on the job supervision, no details slip by our project management teams. Well-laid plans, accurate cost estimations, rigid time-schedules and good communication skills add up to a high level of client satisfaction and ensure that your vessel get back to sea on time.

  • Logistics

  • When you is planning your goods to be transported by sea freight and shipped to a certain place in Sri Lanka or to another country, no matter how far, you will certainly benefit from the services of freight logistics & shipping companies. Regardless of the size, weight and shape of your shipment, a logistic company should be able to accommodate to your needs.

    AWK Industries (Pvt) Ltd will be able to consult you on all the related matters on carriage of goods by sea freight, international marine law and merchant shipping legislation in Sri Lanka. AWK Industries professionals will inform you of all necessary documents to process along with their respective costs. The various things you will need include customs duties, shipping and clearance duties. AWK Industries assure consistent high quality logistics services.

  • Free eBook

  • In the free ebook Workshop Mastery Secrets you will learn about Workshop Basics, Defining Goals, Determining Attendees And Location, Creating Agenda And Follow Up Plan, and many other useful things!

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